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As an artist I find myself drawn to organic shapes, particularly those which suggest flow.  That said, it is not surprising that cats are some of my favorite subjects.  Even asleep they suggest grace and agility and project an aura of mystery.

Carole McNeese

Featured Artist

Whatcom Art Guild

I am mostly self-taught using acrylic and pastel.  I prefer to paint people and animals, in particular horses.  I believe every painting should entice the viewer to wonder what story the painting is telling. - Linda Calkins (left image)

I am a mixed media artist.  I love the freedom I have in my work and the idea that there are no rules.  I use paint, crayons, paper, acrylic, and photographs to create vibrant and colorful works on canvas. - Kim Determan (right image)  whitehornstudio@icloud.com